So, what is Portable Appliance Testing and why do I need it?

Portable Appliance Testing is a means of reducing the risk of electric shock or fire, it can be used to monitor the performance of appliances, often identifying a potential problem before an appliance fails.  It should be noted that Portable Appliance Testing is never a way of removing the risk completely. 

The following information refers to the legislation governing Portable Appliance Testing and will explain more about the reasons for conducting formal testing and inspections.  At PAT My Cottage, the most frequently asked questions are:

Q.  Do I have to have my appliances tested?

A.  The short answer is no!

Many companies will say that you must have your appliances tested but the choice is completely yours.  What you must bear in mind is that the legislation states that owners and employees (even self-employed) are to ensure equipment is properly maintained and a regular routine of monitoring appliances is in place.

Q.  My Holiday Letting Agent is insisting that I have my appliances tested, do I have to?

A.  Again, the answer is no!

BUT… in this case the agent is well within their rights to specify that Portable Appliance Testing is conducted by an independent company to comply with their own Code of Conduct, we are also hearing more often that insurance companies are insisting on independent testing to remain covered.  If you decide not to have independent testing conducted, the agent may not list your property at all.

Q.  My fridge is brand new, do I need to have it tested?

A.  Yet again, it’s a no!

The Health and Safety Executive states: “New equipment should be supplied in a safe condition and not require a formal portable appliance inspection or test. However, a simple visual check is recommended to verify the item is not damaged.”

Our recommendation for holiday properties is that you adhere to the guidelines from the H&S Executive but also instigate a regular (usually on a check-out day) routine of visually checking all your appliances.

Q.  I’ve decided to take your advice and have you conduct Portable Appliance Testing for me, but what happens if an item fails and I have guests arriving soon?

A.  This is a simple one for us, we will never leave a dangerous item in a property where a guest, staff member or visitor can injure themselves. If the appliance is integral to the guest’s enjoyment or safety in the holiday property, we will contact the agent or landlord before we even leave the property.  We make every effort to repair an appliance if possible, we’ve even been known to pop out and buy a kettle for imminent guests!

Q.  How much does it cost?

A.  There is no short or easy answer to this. We have many years of experience testing, repairing and safeguarding staff, guests and visitors across every sector from the Ministry of Defence and NHS to pre-schools and corner shops. 

We have learned that companies will offer to test for next to nothing, we value our clients too much to cut corners.  If you engage our services, we will follow our own Code of Conduct completely and do our utmost to safeguard you and your most valuable assets – your staff, guests and property. 

We know how long it will take to conduct Portable Appliance Testing in ‘standard’ venues and use these to build a quote for you. 

If we conduct the Portable Appliance Testing quicker than expected, you will receive a discount for it.  If it takes longer than expected, you WON’T pay any more than quoted.

For larger properties it is common to quote per appliance rather than a single fee for a property.

If you have any questions about Portable Appliance Testing or would like a quote, please contact us via the Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!