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PAT Testing in Salcombe - supporting the Tourism Sector in its entirety!

PAT My Cottage was founded in the South West to support the Tourism Sector in Devon and Cornwall, based only 10 miles from Salcombe, PAT My Cottage is in the heart of the South Hams and all of it’s glory!

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) for Salcombe businesses is only one element of providing a safe and secure environment for your staff and guests, but, arguably, one of the most important.

Booking your PAT Testing visit couldn’t be easier, click on the link below to contact us.  By conducting your PAT Testing with a company local to Salcombe we are offering mutual support in one of the most important areas of safety for your guests; not only helps you to reduce the risk of electric shock, it is a great step towards preventing fires.  In the Financial year 18/19 Government reports show there were over 5000 fires caused by electrical appliances.

For every electrical fire that starts, there will be a different set of circumstances leading up the the incident. The images shown below are only one cause of the problem, please take electrical safety seriously as all PAT Testing companies will have horror stories and we are no exception.  We don’t publish the worst images as we will not publicly shame clients who are doing the right thing by having their premises PAT Tested, however, it is fairly common to find appliances which have been hidden after being accidentally damaged by a visitor.  At PAT My Cottage, we have fostered an ethos of openness and disclosure, our clients report that even their guests have been willing to report problems after meeting us and understanding the importance of our work.

The black plug shown below is an illegal import: it has no fuse, no protective sleeve on the live and neutral pins and is too small – this could allow a user to touch live pins as the plug is inserted into the socket. PAT Testing can determine if these are present in your property, if you have any doubts please contact us (send pictures if you prefer) as we would like to help.

The white plugs shown adjacent to the illegal plug are Standard Plug and shows the mark “BS1363/A” which confirms its compliance for use in the UK and conforms to PAT Testing scrutiny.  Unfortunately, these still failed testing – the first because it was broken and the second was ‘fixed’ by a visiting cottage guest.

PAT Testing in Salcombe and the local area.

If you have a PAT Testing requirements away from Salcombe, please contact us, we have deployed engineers throughout Devon and Cornwall and are still growing our network of Parents and Carers who are returning to work as PMC Technicians!

We are constantly looking for new PAT Testing Technicians to join the team, we primarily support parents and carers who are returning to the workplace after taking as career break to start a family.  If you live in or Near Salcombe and are interested in Joining PAT My Cottage, please drop us a line – we are proud supporters of the STEM career and Women in STEM Career opportunities.

PAT Testing in Salcombe and the Salcombe Tourist Information Centre

PAT My Cottage is proud to recommend the Salcombe Information Centre. Whether you’re looking for places to stay, eat or looking for something to so, you can’t go wrong with Salcombe TIC!  

We are very regular visitors to Salcombe and often have discounts when we spend a full week testing in and around Salcombe.  We work with many independent clients as well as agencies, please contact us for more information.