PAT MY Cottage Pricing Policy

If you have invested time, effort and hard-earned cash in setting up an amazing business, then built up a community of followers who respect you and your property, please don’t just accept the lowest quote for your safety testing.

We started PAT My Cottage to offer a professional service which recognises how much you have invested, we are certain you will find cheaper PAT Services elsewhere and if you are satisfied with your current provider we encourage you to stay loyal.

However, if you feel we can offer something new, something improved or just want to try us, please read on.  

We will never charge for:

  • Plug replacements
  • Fuse replacements
  • Fuse changes if an incorrect fuse is installed.
  • Minor repairs to flexes at the plug end.
  • Minor repairs to flexes at the appliance end where re-termination is possible (we will not break a warranty seal to make a repair unless you want us to).
  • Disassembling workstations to conduct a genuine test of all items (this is often skipped and visual inspections carried out rather than a full test).
  • A re-test of a failed item if a repair can be completed during the same visit (re-tests are often charged as a separate test).
  • Re-configuring appliance power supplies where unsafe practices have been used.  A common example would be daisy-chaining extension leads with too many appliances running off one main supply socket.
  • Microwave Leakage Check.  All our clients have asked us not to place large, unsightly leakage test stickers on microwaves, we include the Leakage Test reading in your Results documentation.
  • Full Asset Register.  We will provide you with an itemised register of all your appliances and their individual test readings, this will be sent along with your invoice following the PAT visit.
  • Certificate of Conformity.  This will be forwarded to you after the invoice has been paid.

All our technicians are carers and parents, returning to work after starting a family.  They have impeccable time-management skills, attention to detail and all have extensive client-facing experience.

PAT My Cottage supports careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and in particular promotes careers for Women in STEM.  


Our prices start as low as £0.50/item for large volume (over 2000 items) venues such as very large Hotels and Country Clubs right down to only £25/lodge for multi site venues such as a holiday park.

Holiday Cottages can range from as low as £35 for a small property in a town to £75 for a large, remote country retreat – cottages will always be quoted on an individual basis.

We are not VAT Registered so will not add VAT to your bill.

We run an outreach programme to support local registered charities (PAT My Charity), all prices for these clients can attract a discount of up to 20%.  All requests will be quoted separately and will show the full price and the discounted price.